It's time to make time...for yourself.

Come, relax, recharge, be creative, and take in the natural beauty of the inspirational locations chosen especially for their charm.

Let's Dream Together!

Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do?  What kind of experiences are you looking for?  We have many plans that are sure to fulfill something on your bucket list.


Retreats of various lengths are being planned with more dates and locations to be announced in the near future.



 In the meantime, download this FREE Quick Guide to Creativity that gives examples of how to infuse creativity into your life in many different ways.  


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Allow yourself to be open to experiencing new things.


It's time to let go, reset and recharge.


Show up, get active, dream and be adventerous.


Use your imagination to produce unique art. 

Enjoy time off by letting us take care of all of the details.  

In order to offer you the most exceptional retreat, we are partnering with inspiring instructors and professionals eager to share their knowledge.

These experiences are meant to help people discover a new way to travel and transform creatively.  We are hoping to help you go beyond the regular vacation checklist and treat travel as a more meaningful highlight of your life.  Handpicked local hosts and interesting activities in the area will make it even more memorable.

Supplies, materials, equipment, and most meals will be included to take away the stress of planning the trip yourself.

Immerse Yourself in the Experience

As an artist and teacher, I strive to bring out the creativity in each individual but I also know how much connecting with others, enjoying a slower pace, and experiencing our surroundings means to get those creative juices flowing.   

Customized Retreats

Do you have a group who needs time together or an idea for a retreat but you don't want to actually take care of the plans and activities yourself?  A customized creative retreat could be the perfect way to relax and connect with each other and we would take care of putting it all together for you based on your preferences.

Destination - Here I Come!

I want to stay informed of the different locations, themes, and experiences that you will be offering.

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